Today people are more conscious about their health and hence looking for better products than rice for their daily consumption. Here comes the role of MILLETS which play a dominant role in the food consumption cycle. Millets are the power house of fiber, calcium, minerals & iron. So start including millets in your daily cooking. Have a happy and healthy life. The millets VARAGU (Kodo millet), SAAMAI (Little millet), KAMBU (Bajra millet), THINAI (Foxtail millet), KUTHIRAIVALI (Barnyard millet), KEZHVARAGU (Finger millet/Ragi) are available in the form of grains and flour.

VARAGU – Kodo millet /Flour

SAAMAI -Little millet/Flour

KAMBU -Bajra millet/Flour

THINAI – Foxtail mille/Flour

KUTHIRAIVALI -Barnyard millet/Flour

KEZHVARAGU-Finger millet/Ragi/Flour